Travelling to school

The healthy option - walking, cycling or scooting

We love to see our children arriving on foot, or with bikes and scooters! The best way to start the day is with some fresh air and exercise, and for those children living close to the school this is the obvious choice. If you live further away you could still consider parking away from the school and walking the final part of the journey. There are places to park bikes and scooters at both school sites.

We ask that bikes and scooters are not used in the school playgrounds for safety reasons.

The school business

Children living in Stagsden and Stevington can travel to and from school on the school buses which are organised by Bedford Borough Council. Please contact the school office for current details.

Car parking

There is limited car parking at the roadside along Grange Lane. Both Bromham Baptist Church (opposite to the Village Road site) and the Village Hall (two doors away) generously allow parents and carers to park at the beginning and end of the school day.

You will appreciate that careless parking near a school can endanger children and cause great inconvenience to local residents. Please help us to keep the children safe by parking away from the yellow zigzag lines and by not parking opposite the school entrance. Please park with consideration for our neighbours.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for parents to bring their cars onto school premises. The Head Teacher may grant permission for exceptional reasons. Parking permits are allocated to staff.