Sport at Bromham Primary

Our children are keen on keeping active and we work very hard to ensure there are plenty of opportunities.

  • Specialist teaching – Miss Briony Lovell works across the school for 2 days each week supporting teaching and learning, leading training sessions and lunchtime clubs and supporting children who are particularly gifted at sports. 

  • Setting up fixtures and games with other schools – our children enjoy playing competitive sport with other local teams, for example Tag Rugby.

  • ‘Mile a Day’ – every day the children from Years 2 to 4 put on their trainers and run for 15 minutes. Five circuits of our large field at Grange Lane is equal to one mile. The majority of our children manage 5 or more circuits each day. Our youngest children, Early Years and Year 1, run circuits of the playground at the Village Road site. The benefits of this include increased fitness and stamina, plus an increased sense of well-being and readiness to learn. We know our children are enjoying this by the feedback – for example ‘this is my favourite part of the day’!

  • In addition to this every class has 2 hours of quality PE each week. Teachers have regular in-service training to ensure we are all kept up to date with skills and teaching methods (pedagogy).

  • At lunchtime on both school sites a Play Co-ordinator is employed to organise activities and games for the children. Activities such as bats and balls, skipping ropes and hoops are offered to all, and in addition games such as football, tennis and hockey are offered to older children.

  • Fitness Thursday (at Village Road) and Fitness Friday are popular clubs run by Miss Lovell at lunchtimes – all children are welcome to take part.

  • Visiting coaches, eg football (for both boys and girls, and specifically aimed towards girls), rugby and cricket have all been in to work with our children. Our aim is to find a sport for every child, so we look at a number of unusual opportunities such as archery to inspire our children.

  • Out of school hours learning – we have vastly increased the number of clubs offered to children over the past two years, varying from Zumba and Gymnastics to tennis, football and cricket.

  • Swimming lessons are offered to children in Year 4, as an important life skill, especially in an area where there are a number of rivers. These take place at a Bedford swimming pool.