Bromham CofE Primary School is a Values School


Values are universally accepted principles that guide our behaviour and promote good citizenship. As a church school our values are based on Christian principles, but they are not exclusively so. We believe they are espoused by people of all faiths and are an integral element of society.

We also believe that learning about values helps our pupils develop into successful learners, and successful adults.

Values are introduced through Collective Worship, and through classroom based activities. They are for everyone in our school, adults and children alike; and adults play a vital role in demonstrating the values we are teaching our children. Through discrete teaching children learn the vocabulary to describe each value, and have the opportunity to discuss the meaning and relevance of values in our lives.

We ask that, whilst in our school, visitors reflect our values.

Each month we focus on a specific value, and children have a 'take home task' which is designed as a stimulus for discussion with families.

How did we do this?

  • The School Council (pupils from every class from Year 1 to Year 4) have discussed our Values and asked their classmate's opinions.

  • Parents have been asked for their views of the Values we had in place, and the Values they would like to work with us to develop.

  • School staff and governors have contributed.

What was our starting point?

  • We asked the question: what sort of citizens do we want to be?

  • We thought about how adults and children show the best of themselves to others, and how we could work together and help each other to develop.

  • We thought about how our school works closely with the churches in Bromham, and how we could bring our Values closer to Christian principles, whilst remembering that our school is a place where everyone is included no matter what their beliefs.

  • Each class became a 'Values Champion'. That means they looked really carefully at one Value. Over the period of a week we talked about what the Value means and how we demonstrate it. Parents and friends were invited in to school to join us in reflective art work which was shared at a whole school assembly at the end of the week.

What now?

Each class champions one of our school Values. They think about how we would define the Value, create displays around the school and share a 'take home task' with the rest of the school.

We work hard to live our Values every day.

Our school Values for 2017-18 are;

September 2017 Respect Championed by Elm - Year Three
October 2017 Resilience Championed by Hazel - Year Three
November 2017 Agape Championed by Cedar - Year Four
December 2017 Happiness Championed by Sycamore - EYFS
January 2018 Quality Championed by Oak - Year Two
February 2018 Creativity Championed by Willow - Year One
March 2018 Service Championed by Conifer - EYFS
April 2018 Forgiveness Championed by Beech - Year Four
May 2018 Trust Championed by Cherry - Year One
June 2018 Compassion Championed by Maple - Year Two
July 2018 Courage Championed by Ash - Year Two

Our school Values for 2018-19 are;

September 2018 Respect Championed by
October 2018 Resilience Championed by
November 2018 Agape Championed by
December 2018 Happiness Championed by
January 2019 Quality Championed by
February 2019 Creativity Championed by
March 2019 Service Championed by
April 2019 Forgiveness Championed by
May 2019 Trust Championed by
June 2019 Compassion Championed by
July 2019 Courage Championed by

British Values at Bromham Primary School

Bromham Primary School is committed to developing British Values.

The Department for Education (DfE) has reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

The Government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values were reiterated in 2014.

One of our core objectives as a school is to prepare children to become valued and active members of society. British Values are taught explicitly and implicitly as part of our school curriculum. We aim for our children to develop a sense of being an active part of a community, and to begin to understand their responsibilities within the community.


As a Values School we are committed to the principle that everyone in the school is treated fairly and with respect. Opportunities for the children to experience democracy in action include election of pupils by their classmates to be School councillors, representing their class views; and Playground Buddies, supporting other children at break times. Before voting takes place the nominees put forward their case for election.

Each year the School Councillors attend a meeting of the governing body. They are invited to feedback on specific changes within the school, and to bring any issues to the notice of the Governing Body. Items brought to the Governing Body by the children and put into action have included: more school trips and visits, more pencil sharpeners in every classroom, more competitive races at sports Day (including a Teachers’ Race).

Parents and pupils complete annual questionnaires about the school. Responses, including comments, are used by staff and governors to improve the school.

During their time in the school children are given many opportunities to develop their ability to speak in public; to their own class, to parents and to other children. They take part in debates; with some children taking part in annual Public Speaking Competition organised by the English speaking Union – the only one of its kind in the country for children of this age group.

The Rule of Law

We have high expectations of our children’s conduct and behaviour – and they make us very proud. The view of visitors to our school, and feedback when our children go out on trips is that our pupils demonstrate excellent manners and show consideration for others.

Our Behaviour Policy is regularly reviewed and updated. Expectations are discussed with the children, and each class spends time at the beginning of the school year to set class rules in place– these are debated and agreed by the children.

Rules for behaviour in the playground are also agreed by the children in assembly. The House Point system enables all members of staff to praise pupils modelling good behaviour and encourages a sense of working together towards a shared goal. Children making bad behaviour choices have a clear understanding of consequences. These help the children to understand how our society is underpinned by widely agreed principles that recognise rights and responsibilities.

Children develop an understanding of how this works in wider society through PSHE Education, through discussion, using high quality texts, and through the study of History.

Children in our Early Years focus on ‘People Who Help Us’ and are visited by representatives from the Fire Brigade and Police force to help them to understand the important role that adults play in society.

Individual Liberty

Every child in school is aware that they have the absolute right to feel safe in class, in the playground and at home. They are taught that there are trusted adults they can speak to if they have worries. On each site there is a ‘Worry Box’ for children to use if they prefer to write their worry down, any worries are followed up swiftly and sensitively by the Head Teacher.

At Bromham Primary School we value the differences between our children. Topics are planned with the needs of the children in mind, and work is carefully differentiated to ensure that each child is able to make good progress.

Out of school activities are planned to offer a variety of activities to suit children with different interests. There are sporting clubs, art and craft, gardening, and opportunities to learn a language amongst others.

Time and care is taken to know each child as an individual and weekly circle time sessions give children a chance to share their feelings and opinions in a safe way.

Individuals are encouraged to take on responsibilities in the school. For example:

  • Playground Buddies support children who are looking for a friend at break time.

  • Children are responsible to setting up the hall for collective worship, and for lunchtime.

  • Children collect and return registers and take ‘going home’ letters to their classes.

  • Pupils check register numbers with teachers each morning.

  • Children are responsible for setting up their classrooms ready for the school day and for tidying their rooms at the end of the day.

Mutual Respect

Respect is a core value of Bromham Primary School, from the inside out. The ethos of the school is one where the children know that staff will treat them with respect. Bromham Primary is a ‘no shouting’ zone, where adults may occasionally need to raise their voices to be heard, but at no point are children spoken to disrespectfully. The children understand that this is the expectation for everyone. Respect is the focus for the whole school in September each year, when each class is debating and agreeing their individual standards. Respect is key to the good relationships that exist between child and child, adult and adult, and child to adult. There is an emphasis on developing self-respect: looking after belongings, taking pride in yourself and expecting others to treat you well. Families are supportive, and understand that this expectation extends to everyone who visits the school.

Every year Anti-Bullying week is a focus in school, and children are offered ‘take-home tasks’ to consider at home with their families as well as whole school and class activities.

Every year the children and their families support charities through school activities. Often the charities chosen are particularly meaningful to the school community because of things that have affected children or families from our school. Charities to support people in our country and overseas encourage the children to develop a sense of global responsibility. Links with a school in Wardhannapet, India, help the children to understand the different experiences of young people around the world.

Children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 take part in sporting competitions: some in school and some against other schools. This helps them to develop an understanding of winning and losing, and to show good sportsmanship.

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

The school follows the Bedford Borough RE syllabus which ensures that children learn about major religions of the world.

As a Church School with children of different faiths our Collective worship is based on Christianity, but children and adults with other religious beliefs, or no religious belief, are warmly welcomed into the school and to assemblies. Our School Values, chosen by children, parents and staff, are upheld by all major world religions.

Major celebrations are recognised and celebrated, and children are actively encouraged to share in school, for example sharing their cultural or religious celebrations. We are regularly visited by‘Open the Book’ – a team of local volunteers who dramatise stories from the Bible. We are also regularly visited by Reverend Linda, the local incumbent from St Owen’s Church Bromham, and are invited to Bromham Baptist Church. Parents of other faiths have come in to assemblies to talk to the children and pupils are actively encouraged to talk about what their cultures and beliefs mean to them.

Resources in classrooms are regularly audited to ensure that they reflect our multi-cultural society, and stereotypes are challenged. As an Anglican Church School we make it clear to parents that our Values are Christian but are also compatible with major world religions and with good citizenship. We ensure that non-Christians are free to opt out of, for example, taking part in annual Nativity Plays. We find that the overwhelming majority of our families choose to be involved, and one family who preferred their children not to take part still chose to come to watch the evening performance with their children.


Our school ethos statement has been agreed by the children:

The Church of England and Miss Rice Trevor founded our School 150 years ago. We will remember the things God has asked us to do: To love God and to Love each other. We will show people in Bromham that we are a Christian School by the things we do and the way we behave.

For Adults:

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church at parish and diocesan level. The school aims to serve its community by providing education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers all its pupils.


We aim for our school to be:

  • A caring community enriched by the individual.

  • One where all share high expectations of the children in a positive and encouraging environment.

  • A warm, happy place, displaying politeness, respect and tolerance for all.

  • Aware of the beauty of its local environment and committed to its preservation.

  • At the heart of its local community and guided by the principles of the Christian Church.

We aim for our parents to be:

  • In a working relationship with the school with the child at the centre of the relationship.

  • Fully informed of the content, purpose and approach to the learning experiences of their child.

  • Sharing the values of the school for the development of the whole child.

  • Able to bring a variety of skills to the school which will positively influence the lives of the children.