Lost property

Label it …

We strongly advise parents/carers to name any item that can be separated from their child! We do our utmost to return lost articles of clothing, and most things find their way back to the children quickly, but we cannot promise to be able to reunite children with clothing that is unnamed. You can use name tags, either sewn or ironed onto clothes, or write your child's name with an indelible marker. A name written on a label in biro is perfectly adequate, but please check this frequently as it tends to fade after washing.

Lost it ..?

If your child has lost something: first speak to the class teacher or Teaching Assistant (TA) as most items are quickly found and returned. Occasionally children, especially in the younger age groups, take the wrong clothing home by mistake (this has even happened with shoes) and parents will quickly realise the mistake and return it to school.

Find it …

We encourage children to look after their belongings and as they grow older, to take responsibility for looking for lost property themselves. There are Lost Property boxes on both sites, staff will be happy to direct you to these if required.